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Irish cat names

If you have an Irish cat breed, like the tailless Manx, you might want to name them in honor of their country of origin.

Maybe you want to select an Irish cat name because you have Irish heritage or have a passion for the Emerald Isle.

irish cat names - Irish cat names

Whatever your reason, selecting a name can sometimes be tricky. Following, read our list of Irish cat names for inspiration.

Top Irish cat names

  • Clover (f)
  • Blarney (u)
  • Dublin (u)
  • Finnegan (m)
  • Fionn (m)
  • Lucky (u)
  • Molly (f)
  • Murphy (m)
  • O’Reilly (m)
  • Orla (f)
  • Paddy (u)
  • Patrick (m)
  • Rory (m)
  • Shannon (f)
  • Sinead (f)

Irish names inspired by a cat’s temperament or appearance

Choosing a name that fits your cat’s looks or character traits can be a nice way to add a bit of a personal touch. Maybe your cat is feisty or docile or a little oddball. You could also name them in reference to their coat color, markings, or texture.

Read on for a few Irish-inspired descriptive names that could give you some ideas.

  • Ailbe (meaning white)
  • Dillon (meaning flash of lightning)
  • Dubh (pronounced dove, meaning black)
  • Gorm (meaning dark blue – perfect for blue-eyed cats)
  • Macushla (meaning darling or sweetheart)
  • Mal (meaning chief)
  • Mosach (meaning hairy)
  • Quigley (meaning unkempt)
  • Quinn (meaning wisdom)
  • Pusheen (from the word puisín meaning kitten)

Cat names inspired by famous Irish people

Do you like a famous movie star, musician, novelist, or activist that comes from Ireland? This can be a great way to develop a name for your cat.

We’ve listed a few prominent figures from Irish culture, past and present, that may inspire you.

  • Beckett (Samuel, novelist)
  • Bono (from the rock band U2)
  • Brigid (of Kildare, Ireland, only female Patron Saint)
  • Darby (from the Disney movie Darby O’Gill and the Little People)
  • Enya (musician)
  • Saoirse (Ronan, the actress. Pronounced ser-sha)
  • Liam (Neeson, the actor)
  • Cillian (Murphy, the actor)
  • Pangur (an iconic Irish poem about a monks cat called Pangur Bán)
  • Yeats (poet and playwright)

Food and drink-inspired Irish cat names

Think of Irish cuisine; the potato will most often spring to mind. When it comes to beverages, everyone has heard of Guinness. There are lots of traditional Irish food and drinks that could make cute-sounding cat names.

Below are a few possible ideas.

  • Bailey (an Irish cream liqueur)
  • Cabbage (an Irish favorite)
  • Coddle (a traditional dish with sausage, bacon, and potatoes)
  • Guinness (an iconic dark Irish stout)
  • Jameson (an Irish whiskey)
  • Oatcake (a type of biscuit)
  • Champ (a mashed potato dish)
  • Práta (the main Irish word for potato, pronounced prawh-tah)
  • Stew (a traditional meat dish)
  • Tayto (Irish potato chips)

Further male Irish cat names

  • Colm (meaning dove)
  • Conan (meaning little warrior)
  • Conor (meaning lover of hounds – perfect if your cat lives in a house full of dogs)
  • Donal (meaning mighty, great chief)
  • Fergal (meaning brave)
  • Lorcan (meaning fierce little one)
  • Ronan (meaning little seal)
  • Shay (meaning hawk-like)

Further female Irish cat names

  • Aoife (pronounced ee-fa and meaning beautiful, joyful)
  • Brianna (meaning noble)
  • Caoimhe (pronounced kee-va and meaning gentle and beautiful)
  • Kayleigh (pronounced kay-lee and meaning slim and fair)
  • Maeve (meaning bringer of joy)
  • Niamh (pronounced neve and meaning radiance)
  • Nessa (meaning not gentle)
  • Orlagh (pronounced orla and meaning gold)
  • Shannon (meaning wise river)
  • Roisin (pronounced ro-sheen and meaning little rose)
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